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Health and Safety in Electromagnetic Fields in Welding
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The lack of training materials and qualified personnel on electromagnetic fields has a great impact on welders. And this problem will be greater when the European Directive on risk assessment of electromagnetic fields - defining the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from electromagnetic fields – will be enforced.

This project will create a new professional profile – the Electromagnetic Fields Safety Health and Safety Officer in Welding (EF-HSOW) - that will cover a market need. It will assure that the skills and qualifications profile development are done at a European level, with a transnational scope, aligned with the European market needs.

There will be a very high need for new VET-contents in the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields related to welding. Common VET-qualification for HSOs, currently offered on a local or national level, are not sufficient to fulfill the needs for a systematic approach in VET for this need. HS-EMFW will close this gap and deliver a European qualification standard, incorporating common European tools (e.g. Learning Outcomes, EQF, ECVET), promoting the transparency, recognition of competences and mutual trust between VET systems.

This project will support the creation of training manuals, a professional profile and multimedia materials in 4 languages - English, German, Italian and Portuguese - that will allow to tackle an upcoming EU market need.

The main objectives of HS-EMFW are:

- Improve the quality of qualification programmes related to welding, based on the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in welding.

- Reach a harmonized standard of qualification in the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in the welding sector, aligned with the new EU Directive, to promote mobility of specialists in Europe.

- Create and improve a qualification programme in the risk assessment sector and enhance the integration and exploitation of these offers to countries with lower access.

- Promote language learning and linguistic diversity through the provision of a multinational glossary and a multi-national pilot training.

- Increase transparency of competences and qualifications for the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in the welding sector.

- Develop a module which considers the labor market needs by the involvement of different stakeholders and aligned with the requirements of an European Directive.

- Foster the promotion of new learning opportunities, in an easily accessible and career oriented VET profile.

- Implement ICT new learning opportunities, via the development of an innovative ICT training solution.

The consortium is formed by 5 partners from 5 EU countries: Portugal (ISQ ), Italy (IIS Progress), Austria (SZA), United Kindom (HIGHSKILLZ) and Belgium (EWF), being the project coordinated by SZA – Schweißtechnische Zentralanstalt.