The IIS Group is proud to announce the approval of the new Examination Centre for non-destructive testing personnel certification ISO 9712, in Beijing, China.

Recently, in fact, the approval path has been finalized for the Chinese Company "Beijing WTI ISO Application Technology Development", as NDT ISO 9712 Examination Centre, authorized by the Certification Body of IIS Group, IIS CERT.

The Beijing Company, along with its subsidiary Harbin Welding Training Institute, has been active for years in the field of training and qualification of non-destructive testing personnel and welding personnel: Harbin WTI is, indeed, the ATB (Authorized Training Body) acknowledged by IIW (International Institute of Welding) for training of professionals in welding, in accordance with the IIW Guideline.

The NDT Examination Centre of Beijing has modern and well equipped premises for theoretical and practical training, training sample pieces and pieces reserved for the practical examination, examination procedures and questionnaires in accordance with the Regulation for the approval of NDT Examination Centre issued by IIS CERT.

The award will allow the examination Centre to provide certification services under the supervision of and on behalf of IIS CERT for the product sectors referring to castings, forgings and welds of the industrial Sector of metal manufacturing and pre or in-service testing.

The accomplishment highlights once again the relevance and the international acknowledgement achieved by the certification activities performed by IIS CERT.