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Implementation of the guidelines for mechanized, orbital and robotized welding personnel.
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The main objectives of FUTUREWELD:

1. improving the quality of the training + qualification of personnel in the field of the welding and allied processes and, as direct result, the increasing of the labour market relevance of qualification by introducing of new and innovative system (educational materials+interactive software+video), based on EU Guidelines IAB-348-13-International-Mechanized-Orbital-Robot-Welding-Personnel and on the experience of the VET training systems from PT and BE; the recognition of the qualification (competences and diploma) will be at EU level.

2. improving the qualification and the teaching methods of the trainers who are active in VET by training processes in order to be able to apply the new and innovative system of training and qualification in the fields of Mechanization, Automation and Robotization of the welding processes; in this manner, the trainers will make the transition to superior levels of teaching dedicated to formal education

3. helping to improve the equity and the inclusion of women and special issues personnel in the field of welding and allied processes by ensuring the access to the special training.


FUTUREWELD is a multidisciplinary project. It puts together different domains of science and technology as: welding technology - cutting technology - IT - mechanical devices design - automation. They all will work in a synergistic manner to create the new innovative training system.
The consortium is formed by 5 partners from 5 EU countries: Portugal (ISQ), Romania (ASR), Italy (IIS), Poland (ISPL) and Belgium (EWF), being the project coordinated by ASR – Asociatia de Sudura din Romania.