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Harmonized Laser Technology Training across Europe
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The Erasmus + project LASERTECH aims at providing companies and professional as a broder access to this technology by developing the guidelines for harmonizing laser courses within the technological areas in the manufacturing.

Most industrial companies and organizations are faced with the need for increased efficiency and the manufacturing optimization of their products and services. In many instances, this can be pinned down to the need for lighter and thinner products, with more complex shapes. Laser welding is one such technology, being able to provide unique benefits and competitive advantages for companies who are able to leverage it. Also, given the specifics of laser welding, some materials can be combined, which otherwise could not be welded. 

These benefits and manufacturing opportunities make laser welding a must-have for most industrial companies worldwide. Beyond the technical challenges to implement it, there is another important hurdle on the road to its broader adoption, which is the need for qualified professionals. This makes the education and training of qualified personal in laser processing an increasingly top priority, to guarantee that laser processing is done in a correct and safe way without compromising the required quality levels.

Harmonization of qualification is of paramount importance, since training and qualification of technical personnel in laser welding process are currently done at a national level, hence not interchangeable, and the systems implemented differ among countries, as some are technologically more advanced than others. This situation causes competitive disadvantages, leading to the creation of barriers o the training of professionals in Europe.

The main objectives of LASERTECH are:

Update EWF’s common guideline for laser welding training and qualification courses and translate it into Italian, Portoguese, Romanian and Spanisg languages.
Address the implementation of the common EWF’s guideline within the European manufacturing industries’ network.
Develop mutually recognized training and qualification courses in European countries.
Promote the transparency of qualification and competences in technological areas.

The consortium is formed by 6 partners from 5 EU countries: Portugal (ISQ), Romania (ISIM), Italy (IIS Progress), Spain (CESOL and UPM) and Belgium (EWF), being the project coordinated by CESOL – Asociación Española de Soldadura y Tecnologías de Unión.