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New opportunity for people with educational difficulties to access jobs in materials joining technologies.
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The requirements of the fabrication in the domains of electronics and medical involve improvement of the qualification of the bonding personnel

The actual requirements of the bonding personnel will have to be able to perform in new complicated welding processes such as the joining at micrometer level, joints dedicated to MEMS/NEMS/MOEMS/general electrical circuits.

Additionally, the European Welding Federation is interested in producing a brand new guideline for the qualification of personnel involved in such processes that will need new dedicated instruments for its implementation. This new qualification will try to follow the latest requirements of the labor market and its implementation intends to bring to the required training and qualification the people with difficulties in learning.

The innovative training of the bonding personnel will be implemented initially in RO, PT, IT and ES, based on the large expertise of the consortium in training and qualification systems.

The teaching and learning materials which will be developed within specific activities will contain the latest elements from the bonding technology. They will be elaborated in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian languages and such comprehensive materials dedicated to the training of bonding personnel will be new for the participating countries. A book, which will be source for course support, will be edited in English and freely distributed to the main vocational schools from the participating countries. In that manner, the schools will receive the newer information regarding the three bonding processes: Eutectic, Thermosonic and Adhesive.

The new innovative toolkit will contain evaluation tool which will be a software for the self-evaluation of the trainees or for examination between the training and the certification steps.

No similar or higher level of qualification of personnel for bonding was applied until now in RO, PT, IT and ES because each sector that uses bonding has its own system. The introduction of an harmonized system of training proves the character of innovation within the actual systems of training in the field of welding and allied processes.

The training of the staff and the courses for the bonding personnel will take advantage of modern techniques of presentation (video, presentations, software, etc.) and on the newest bonding technologies (Eutectic and Thermosonic and Adhesive) will be used during the practical training of the students.


1. introducing new qualifications + enhancing quality of training + qualification of bonding personnel

Result involved by the objective 1: development of the relevance of qualification on the labor market by introducing a new and innovative toolkit for training and qualification (curricula + teaching and learning materials + evaluation tool), easy to be received by the students with difficulties in learning, based on the experience of different members of the EWF. The qualification (competences and diploma) recognition may be acquired after the elaboration of specific Guideline by the EWF, which is expected to be the next step after the project conclusion.

2. enhancing the qualification of the VET trainers and the improvement of the teaching methods; they will be able the use the new innovative toolkit of training and qualification in bonding processes; more, they will comply to the requirements of the students with difficulties in learning. In the final of the project, the trainers will gain and improvement of their experience in teaching information from the new domain of joining.

3. sustaining of the improvement of the equity and the inclusion of working personnel with difficulties in learning,  with reduced mobility or even hand low strength in the labor area of joining processes.


The project theme is proposed starting from:

1. The members of the consortium gained appropriate experience in large number of EU projects; they understood that the qualification of the bonding personnel is not uniform, being dependent of the requirements of the domain where it is applied (automotive, aircraft, etc.).

2. The bonding domain presents important lacks: surveys in Romania - national funding project MICROWELD revealed no specific training and qualification system exists.

2. Experiences of the joining experts show that the bonding technologies (especially the three Eutectic, Thermosonic and Adhesive) are in full progress all over EU.

3. The employees' necessity of having an EU recognized diploma is proved by results of specific survey in LdV projects ACCESSWELD and EU-JOINTRAINING.


MICROBOND project, through its consortium members, put together different domains of science and technology as: heating technology - materials science - electronics - mechanical ultrasonic vibrations - chemical science.

The consortium is formed by 5 partners from 5 EU countries: Portugal (ISQ), Italy (IIS Progress), Romania (ASR), Spain (CESOL) and Belgium (EWF), being the project coordinated by ASR – Asociatia de Sudura din Romania.