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European Training Programme for completing the requirements for fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminium structures under the EN 1090 standard
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The SAT-EN 1090 project intends to help minimise large enterprise and requirements of the new EN 1090 standard. A harmonized training course will be created, adjusted to market needs, especially those of companies involved in construction and building of metal structures, fabricators, importers or sellers.

A common European curriculum is to be developed, following a Learning  Outcomes approach, which will facilitate the creation of both European and National training guidelines.

The results of the SAT-EN 1090 project are expected to attain a great reach in terms of recipients, since the EN 1090 standard will involve different target groups and stakeholders. For example:

- Anyone personnel involved in the welding sector, including middle managers, coordinators and managers welding. 

- Staff working in Non Destructive Testing (NDT).

- Inspectors of welded constructions.

- Auditors for Certification in EN 1090.

- Training Trainers of all the subsystems (initial, occupational and continuing).

- Pupils of all subsystems (beginner, occupational and continuing).

- Government Offices Administration of the Central, Regional and Local.

- Social partners (employers and unions).

- Business organizations.

- Trade union organizations.

- Associations of companies in the welding industry and those related that sector.

- Chambers of Commerce.

The consortium is formed by 5 partners from 5 EU countries: Portugal (ISQ), Romania (ASR), Italy (IIS), Spain (CESOL) and Belgium (EWF), being the project coordinated by CESOL – Asociación Española de Soldadura y Tecnologías de Unión.