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Welding is your chance.
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Shortage of welders at European and world labor market, perception of welding as a “dirty” job that negatively influences young people when choosing their future profession and lack of uniformity of welder competence depending on the country of origin for one and the same welding process were foundations and starting points for this project.

The main goal of the project is improvement of educational system for welders and bringing it closer to young people, in order to fill the job openings at European labor market with the help of improved European competences. Further objective is maintaining of welder competence and health at a level that will enable them to have a long and quality professional and personal life.

Specific project objectives are:

1. Development of European framework curricula for MMA, MAG/MIG and TIG welding processes with supporting teaching media.
2. Development of welding networking site,
3. Train the trainer,
4. Popularization of welding as a line of work and welder as a profession among young and unemployed people.

The Consortium consists of 6 partners:

- Project coordinator is Učilište ULJANIK Pula, Croatia - Adult Education Institution
- European Welding Federation (Portugal)
- IIS Progress - a company belonging to Italian Institute of welding
- Spanish Welding Association CESOL
- Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod, Croatia  – Vocational Training (secondary level)
- Koncar Steel Structures - a Croatian company with dominant production of welded structures and pressure tanks.

The applied methodology of the project is, because of its international importance, step by step to project results. All work packages in the project are broken into following sequence: initiation - specification of demands through analysis and synthesis; planning and designing; implementation; control and integration; validation through testing and correction of mistakes, project results, dissemination.

Distribution of tasks was arranged among partners. All partners are heavily involved in welding and possess such knowledge and skills that they can be involved in implementation of any and all project goals.

Project concept is designed through four steps:

- Develop Standardized Welding Curricula and Supporting Teaching Media
- Train the trainers
- Upload results on welding networking site
- Bring the result and the welding networking site closer to young people across Europe through a marketing strategy.

Project results are:

1. Standardized curricula for arc welding processes MMA, MAG/MIG and TIG and supporting teaching media - designed with intention to obtain harmonized welder competence at European labor market and modern educational methodology attractive to young people.
2. Welding networkig site - designed for welders of all profiles for communication, professional assistance through books and magazines, with e-learning materials for trainees and professionals and many other pieces of information useful in welding.
3. Train the Trainer VWTS - designed for trainers of welding with the purpose of raising the quality of welder education and training and acquisition of skills.
4. Popularization of the profession welder: Marketing strategy - designed for young people and the unemployed to entice them to opt for welding.

Project results will have a significant impact on raising the quality of welding, popularizing the welding profession, making sure that companies and state institutions become aware of the importance of welders and on helping young people choose welding as their future occupation. Welders of all profiles will be given an asset in the form of a welding networking site to help them with education, upskilling and keeping up with the latest developments.

With its results, the project will have a long-term influence on young people looking for employment, on welding trainees and professionals and will ensure the necessary resources (welding networking site) to keep up with the latest developments regarding knowledge, skills and achieving of stability in welding.