The laboratory of IIS PROGRESS is divided into Testing Laboratory, specialized in mechanical, technological, and special tests, and Welding Processes Laboratory where research, experiments, studies and setups are carried out with traditional and advanced welding processes.

The Testing Laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA (National System for the Laboratories Accreditation) - Cert. nr. 0029 according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard - for the execution of the most conventional tests on metallic and plastic materials.
At the laboratory facilities fracture mechanics tests, creep tests, corrosion tests and  tests in the field of microjoining are available.

The experience gained in metallography and corrosion, integrated with structural engineering competencies are adopted to undertake mechanical damage analysis and to perform metallurgical studies.
The laboratory can boast a longstanding experience in the design of testing programs related to the behaviour of base materials and welded joints, and addressed to failure analysis.
The annexed mechanical workshop allows the set-up of moke-up and of particular test equipments to carry out full-scale tests on small and medium components.


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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis

The IIS PROGRESS Laboratory can boast decades of experience in the design of testing methods for the characterisation and the verification of the base materials and the welded joints behavior, aimed at the study of the...

Laboratory Testing

Physical and chemical analyses

In addition to the traditional chemical and physical tests, the IIS PROGRESS Laboratory is able to perform specific measurements and analysis, applicable in the industrial sectors in which the IIS Group operates.

Conventional mechanical tests

The testing machines in the IIS PROGRESS’s Laboratory allow to carry out the following  tests for the charcterization of metals, plastics and bolted connections.

Metallic alloys

Microscopic examinations

The Laboratory of IIS PROGRESS through various optical and metallographic microscopes and one  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is able to perform investigations in the field of microscopy to support the various activities...

Metallographic examinations

IIS Group boasts a longstanding experience in metallographic investigations. IIS PROGRESS laboratory is equipped with up to date facilities for preparation, observation, recording of metallographic samples.

Creep tests on metallic or thermoplastic materials

The IIS PROGRESS Laoratory is able to perform tests for determining the creep behaviour of metals and plastics according to the methods described in different international standards (ASTM, ISO).

Fracture mechanics tests

IIS PROGRESS performs fracture toughness test for determining CTOD, KIC, JIC, J-R, CTOD-R and NDTT.

Corrosion tests

The target of a corrosion test of can be the verification of the quality/reliability of a base material and its manufacturing process as well as of welded joint.

Fatigue tests

IIS PROGRESS is able to carry out tests for characterizing the fatigue strength of materials, components, structural details or welded joints according to international standards or to Client's specification.

Non destructive examinations

The NDTs (Non Destructive Examinations) are a historic milestone during the Quality Control of base materials and welded joints.

Tests on anticorrosion coatings

The IIS PROGRESS Laboratory is able to carry out tests for the characterisation of painting processes in accordance with International Standards or with reference to Customer Specifications.

Calibration and verification of NDT equipment

The IIS PROGRESS Laboratory is able to carry out characterisation and calibration of NDT equipment, with special focus on radiographic examination, magnetic particles examination,ultrasonica examination and dye penetrants.

Pressure tests

IIS PROGRESS’s Lab is equipped for burst and hydrostatic testing on plastic pipes, fittings, valves and composite materials (such as carbon fiber repairs in steel piping).

Simulated Heat Treatments

The IIS PROGRESS Laboratory is equipped with furnaces and equipment for the Heat Treatment on base materials or welded joints.

Welding Processes

Welding Laboratory

Our Welding Processes Laboratory is a structure equipped with solutions for the automatic, mechanised and robotised welding, covering both fusion and solid state processes, with a specific branch fully dedicated to the Adhesive...

Technical assistance for welding consumables and equipment manufacturers

The IIS PROGRESS Welding Laboratory may carry out technical assistance services for welding consumables and welding equipment manufacturers.